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05 Sep, 2022 by Solar Team Eindhoven 2023

 Join Solar Team Eindhoven

Join Solar Team

Solar Team EIndhoven is searching for a new team. Do you want to be part of one of the most ambitious student teams in the Netherlands? Do you want to work in a multidisciplinary team to create innovative solutions in sustainable mobility ? Then apply now by sending your resume and motivation letter to [email protected]!



Next to designing and building the vehicle there is also a need for organisational talent. As a member of the organisation you’re more or less running your own start-up! You have the complete freedom to  steer the team in the right direction. The task within the organisation differs from stakeholder management, where you talk to all the companies to make deals, to organising an unveiling of the vehicles.  Are you not just interested in the techniques, but also the personal touch, then the organisation is probably your cup of tea! 

Mechanical Engineering

As a mechanical engineer you will be responsible for the physical part of the project.  This can vary from simulation crash test on the chassis to designing the aerodynamic form of the vehicle. Or creating a steering system that is reliable in all situations. All the parts of the vehicle will be designed, validated, produced and assembled by you.

Industrial Design

What is the solar vehicle of the future? As an industrial designer you will not just focus on the aesthetics and comfort of the interior and exterior, but also on the mission and the vision that follows from the concept.

Electrical Engineering

As an electrical engineer you will make sure that the energy generated from the sun is stored and used efficiently. On the one hand, you will be designing high power systems like the battery or driving the motors. On the other hand, you will design more delicate circuitry like the lighting or safety systems. Also you will be designing your own PCB's and integrate them with the rest of the vehicle.

Software science

As the software engineer, you will make sure that the vehicle will come to live. You will create software that will make the motors turn when you press the gas pedal,  but you will also make applications for a touchscreen, so we can retrieve the data from the vehicle. You will work closely together with the electrical engineers, to make sure that the hardware and software will work together in tandem.


Can I Join Solar Team Part-time?

No, We are the only student team that consists of full-time members. This is to create a work atmosphere where everyone has the same ambition and works towards the same goal.

Who can apply?

Everyone! It does not matter if you study at the technical university or an HBO or even in Eindhoven. The most important aspect is that you're ambitious!

Do I need to follow a certain study for each department?

No, it does not matter what your background is. Are you a biomedical engineer with an affinity for organising events? Apply for the organisation. Are you a physics student that loves to program? Apply as a software engineer. The most important thing is that you find something that you want to put all your energy into.

Can I apply to multiple disciplines?

Yes, if you are not 100 percent sure about what you want to do within Solar Team, just tell us. We will make sure that you will get in contact with all the disciplines and can decide together based on these conversations.

Can I follow courses or work next to Solar Team?

No, that is not possible. Solar Team is full-time and will sometimes take even more time. It is strongly discouraged to put in the extra work next to it. Use the free time to spend with your friends or to play some sports.


Article by Solar Team Eindhoven 2023

Are you ready for the challenge of your life? Apply now by sending your resume and motivation letter!

Article by Solar Team Eindhoven 2023

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